Testing & Inspection
Storage & Dropship


Help solving your difficulties throughout the entire process of product R&D and mass production.

  • Exclusive Services from Top-notch Teams
  • Cost-effective Fee Structure
  • Abundant Data and High-quality Information
  • Low-cost and Low-risk Payment Term
  • One-stop Sourcing Services

Prompt and Responsive Service Experience

  • Timely response to urgent issues
  • 24/7 online customer service on trading days
  • Online customer service support from 10:00-17:30 (GMT+08:00) on non-trading days
  • Support bilingual communication (Cantonese, English)


Working with Sourcing Experts Now
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We accelerate product development and time-to-market.

  • Target Customers:
    Innovative companies needing faster R&D cycles
    Companies with great ideas facing long development times


  • Turning ideas into affordable products at record speeds
    Provide efficient, high-quality, comprehensive, low-cost hardware supply chain
    From concept to demo in as little as one week
    Fastest prototype to product to pilot production in just 2 weeks
One-stop prototype service, deliver Value to Customers.
  • Providing users with high-quality, professional, intelligent, and reliable services.
  • Provided trustable services to more than 50 companies anual year.
  • Professionally recognized, serving hundreds of clients.
Providing exclusive solutions for various customers.
Tonsin, Worth Your Trust


A Preferred Partner for your business

Under the division of labor in the industrial chain, we need to cooperate with many suppliers to complete a product. We will find a suitable factory to complete production and meet customer needs.

Customized Services, Trustworthy Partner, Prefered by leading companies in various industries.


Core members have worked in local and global manufacturing plants. They have deep manufacturing knowledge.



Testing & Inspection

Protect your industry reputation

  • Our Testing and Inspection Process / General Inspection
    Documentation & Packaging Inspection
    External Visual Inspection
    Function Inspection
    Genuine Inspection


Professional lab testing

Some products need to be inspected in professional laboratories. If the customer needs it, we will arrange to test in Lab.


Storage & Dropship

You can buy from your suppliers and ship to our warehouses in Shenzhen, China. We serve as your fulfillment center, taking care of your inventory and deliver to your customers.


Quality Inspection
Quality matters to any business that values its reputation. We can help check the quality once we receive the goods from your supplier. We notify you and work out a solution if we find any defect in the product.


Bundling & Packing
For the same delivery address, we bundle multiple items into a single package, optimizing for customer experience and shipping cost. Custom packaging is also available.


Shipping Worldwide
We provide you with over 15 shipping methods with coverage across the world. Pre-stock in our US warehouses and stay competitive with super-fast delivery time.


  • Various Service
    UPS, Fedex, DHL, Air shipping, Sea shipping


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At Tonsin Solutions, our cross-functional team of hardware and software experts provides integrated solutions to meet your complex technology needs.

By combining in-depth engineering expertise with robust quality assurance and a customer-focused approach, we deliver adaptable, reliable solutions that exceed expectations.

Contact us to learn more about our capabilities and partnership approach. Tonsin Solutions aims to be your trusted source for end-to-end technology solutions.


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