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Our diligent project team leverages years of experience and proven expertise to effectively source parts from Tonsin’s global network of qualified vendors, in addition to our established relationships with OEM and ODM providers.

Global After-sales

We have a global support system for technology and parts. This allows us to provide timely warranty and maintenance services worldwide.

Supply Chain Solutions

Our Vendors has ISO9001, UN38.3, UL, CE, FCC, ROHS, Reach etc. We deliver hard-to-find parts and supply chain consolidation.

Cost Reduction Services

Our cost savings plans are a direct benefit realized from actions that help to reduce the organization from overspending.

About US

Tonsin is a professional supplier with over 13 years of experience, focusing on Industrial Sourcing & Manufacturing for leading brands worldwide.

We aim to become the valuable supplier in our industry and specialize in Sourcing, Developing and manufacturing high-quality, user-friendly products.

  • We strictly carry out a Quality Assurance Management System.
  • We are doers, problem solvers, and figure-it-outers.


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Renewable Energy
Test Measurement
Medical Healthcare
Home & City intelligence
Fire Prevention Field

Renewable Energy

Energy comes from natural processes. Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, hydraulic power, and some forms of biomass are the most common, cleaner and moresustainable sources of energy.

In accordance with the development of renewable energy technology trends, Tonsin keeps pace with the times and delievr products for power, signal and hybrid transmission, which can be used in wind power stations, wind turbines, solarpower stations, inverters, and natural gas, hydraulic power plants, simple toinstall, fast and reliable. Customized solutions provide one-stop service for specific needs.

Test Measurement

Testing and designing electronic equipmentrequires high-quality parts to ensure signal and data transmission such asvoltage, current, force, flow or pressure sensors in order tofinishtesting function Involving weight , monitoring systemfield.

Tonsin offer the customzied Test-Fixture and sofeware according to the need.


Medical Healthcare

For life technology applications, It is very important for connector medical systems that must have rugged and reliable features as to stand the challenges of high-temperature, high-humidity, sterile environments and also can protect against breakdown with consistent performance.

Tonsin offers a wide range of plastic medical connectors under .The plastic material used (PSU, PEI and other PSU based material) are FDA approved in their respective natural colors.

  • Analyzers, Processing Equipment, pulse oximetry, fetus-voice meter, breathing humidifier use PUSH-PULL B/K/S series.
  • Dental Equipment adopts PUSH-PULL B/K/P series.
  • Disposable Devices (sensors, catheters)usePUSH-PULL P series.
  • Electro surgical Devices, Mixed signal input, need good RFI/EMI shield performance, and these use PUSH-PULL B /K/S series.

Home & City intelligence

Tonsin cooperated with customers to complete the smart home product design, Prototype, mass production and shipment, and continued iterative upgrades.

Fire Prevention Field

Cutting-edge fire protection products are widely used in various fields and industries. With fast, stable and durable performance, our products are used in cutting-edge fire protection products, working together to provide comprehensive protection for infrastructure, public areas, factories, warehouses, etc.

Leveraging years of R&D and expertise, our experienced engineering team develops reliable, high-performance fire protection solutions that can be customized to meet your specific needs.


At present, almost all well-known car manufacturers are developing cars that are driven bynon-traditional engines. Whether it is a hybrid car or an electric car – its unique connection system is of particular importance in all innovative non-traditional engines.

The diversity interface is extremely stringent, thousandsof mating/ unmating endurance and current carrying capacity, heat resistance, and shock resistance are necessary. Tonsin supply high standards and safe and reliable connection solutions.

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